Originally from Cork in the Irish Republic, Jo trained at Chelsea School of Art and Brighton University where she received a BA (Hons) in 3D Design (Wood, Metal, Ceramics and Plastics).

She is a writer, ceramist, artist and teacher, exploring ideas through a range of media, and has a background in healing, massage and meditation, all of which inform her work. 

Jo has an MA in Therapeutic Bodywork from the University of Westminster.

Jo's Work

'I am interested in what is at the core of human experience, what connects all humans from our very earliest ancestors. This includes how we interact both with our inner worlds and the natural one. 

I work mainly in ceramics, incorporating other materials such as wood and found objects. I use basic techniques such as carving, scraping, painting and assembling. 

I rely on the sense of touch and sight, expecting people to hold or touch the work. I like the sense of direct communication from hand to hand.

I draw on my own experience of the natural world, my past career in healing and meditation, and a fascination with the earliest people. I work with archetypes, Paganism, animism, themes of science and magic, all languages that aim to describe the indescribable. 

I also use photography, collage and mixed media to further investigate ideas, and write poetry to complement my visual work.'